Hammad Ullah: Bridging Mechanical Expertise with IT Mastery

Background and Education

Hammad Ullah’s journey from mechanical engineering to information technology reflects his versatile skill set and adaptive nature. Originally hailing from Kohat, Pakistan, Hammad later relocated to Islamabad, seeking new horizons in his career path.

Education and Transition

Equipped with a degree in DAE Mechanical, Hammad initially delved into the intricacies of machinery and mechanics. However, driven by a curiosity for the digital world, he boldly moved into information technology. This transition speaks volumes about his determination to explore new domains and adapt to evolving industries.

Professional Experience

With over four years of hands-on experience in SEO and WordPress, Hammad has honed his digital marketing and web development expertise. His tenure in these fields has equipped him with a profound understanding of online visibility strategies and website optimisation techniques.


Hammad Ullah’s professional journey exemplifies the fusion of traditional knowledge with contemporary skills. His transition from mechanical engineering to IT underscores his adaptability and eagerness to embrace new challenges. With a solid foundation in both fields, Hammad is a testament to the power of interdisciplinary expertise in today’s dynamic job market.

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