How To Start Online Earning In Pakistan

Start Online Earning In Pakistan, In Pakistan with every passing day unemployment is increasing, due to which many serious and unexpected problems arise .to overcome all these issues now people are looking for another type of source through which they can support their family.

If we look at a class of educated people in which most of them waste their time in waiting for government jobs, and another class is of those people who want to start a business but due to lack of money they are helpless to start a good business.

So by thinking about all the sources of earning, now several people are looking toward another source of income, which is online earning money in Pakistan. Nowadays this is becoming one of the best sources of earning money in Pakistan.

But there is another issue for lots of those people who doesn’t know about Start Online Earning In Pakistan, and  about types and methods to earn money .most of people when start to earn money online they fall into the wrong place and get dishearten and leave this source

.but it does not happen when you read this article fully because in which all things are discussed which are related to online earning.

Commonly asked questions:ll

  • As a student how can I earn money online in Pakistan?
  • What are the easiest ways of earning money online?
  • How to earn money online in Pakistan?
  • How without investment one can get money online?

So these are all mostly asked questions in Pakistan. Here in this article, you will know about every answer to your question. Just keep reading with full concentration.

Types of online sources of earning money

  • Freelancing
  • Blogging
  • Digital marketing
  • Developing websites and apps
  • Academic writing
  • Data entry
  • Graphic designing
  • Content writing
  • You tube
  • Selling products on Instagram or Facebook
  • Sell products on an e-commerce website
  • To become a reviewer
  • Proofreading
  • Tax services offering

So these are all sources of earning income in the online market. Now we discuss them one by one.


A freelancer is a person who is not working under any specific employer mean to say he is self-employed. There are many fields where freelancing is playing a very important part like writing, web design, acting, music, illustrating, video making, and translating are the fields.

The term of working is as that some organizations or companies order freelancers, then freelancers sign contracts with them and start work for them.


There are different websites where you can search for your type of work. These websites are freelancer, Fiverr, people per hour, and Upwork, etc. these are the most common websites where you can find your work.

Freelancer is also a famous website, to work on this website you just need to make your profile. After making the profile provide the payment system that you will use. And then add the debit card all details for receiving payment.

Another website is Fiverr where the freelancer is making their income. Lots of students are using Fiverr to earn money. There are different types of work on work on Fiverr first of all you should make a profile and then and then add your gig. If some like your gigs then they will order you for their work.

On PayPal, you need to bid on the project to get work.

For Upwork, you need to make a full portfolio on it and then upwork will gives a review on your profile.

In people per hour, you can charge the client by your per hour rate. Here you can get writing work or that you want.


In blogging, you earn money in a better way. For this, you should make your blog or work for different websites. For your blog, you need good skills of writing. In which you can write different blogs as product-related blog or news related

. For it, you go word press and create your blog. And you also need Google AdSense to up ads on your blog .in which you can start earning in5 to 6 months

Open word press signs to make your blog.

Digital marketing

In digital marketing advertising, promoting, and making online existence of business by different digital platforms. It includes social media, websites, and many other platforms.

For starting digital marketing you should be aware of some things like must have the related skill to open digital marketing.

You know about that what is an advertising and other social platforms etc. and then reach to some brands and get work from them.

You tube

It is a well-known site, and many people are earning money from this youtube. after the monetization of YouTube in Pakistan, people start working on them.

To start work on YouTube make your YouTube channel and then start posting videos on them. If people like your content then you will earn money.

Graphic designing

For this, you must have graphic designing skills. For this use any freelancer website to get client’s .in which you can also advertise your work on different social media platforms to get work.

Developing apps and websites.

For this, you also need to have the skills to develop apps and websites. If you know about this, then you can start your work. For it use the freelancer website and bid for projects.

Content writing

This is the best work for especially for housewives. For them doing work from home is so easy and source if good in writing. For this, you need to create a profile on different platforms and start writing for different websites and newspapers. These websites are where you can send your article are; ProBlogger,listverse, etc.

Sell a product on Instagram and Facebook

In which you need to make the page on Facebook or profile on Instagram. select the name of your page or profile. And then add all the images of the product that which you will sell.

Boost your page or profile by giving money for advertisement. When you get orders then you start your earning.

Become a reviewer

For earning money online in Pakistan you can become a reviewer. in which different vloggers and bloggers are getting the order for giving reviews on their companies to write a review or a video review for their product. But for this, you must have the best Instagram or Facebook profile.

Data entry

For this work, you must have a grip on computer skills. It is time to take the job. For this, you can use Upwork, freelancer, and other websites.


For earning money from home and for unemployed persons online earning money in Pakistan is the best option to choose. I hope you like this article.

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